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Cheshire's First Frightfest
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Want to be a Monster? Scarewood is recruiting!

Scarewood is recruiting Monsters

Scarewood will soon be recruiting from the local area for cast and crew for this years event.So, If you love horror movies and fancy scaring people and making grown men cry…Then this could be your chance.

Even if scaring isn’t your thing but are interest in make-up, costume or event management then you might be just what we are looking for.

No experience is necessary just a willingness to learn but we especially want to hear from people in the local are and surrounding Cheshire area.


email… and we will invite you along to one of the open days.


is a terrifying, immersive, woodland walk-through, horror experience which will bring a new sense of shock and awe to the UK Scare Attraction Industry. 

Cooked up by the evil minds involved in some of the UK’s most successful horror attractions, SCAREWOOD is packed with your worst nightmares, taking you through an unreal world made up of phenomenal, horror movie quality sets, routes of terror and most importantly, the most horrific monsters Cheshire has ever seen. 

My e-ticket says I need I.D. What I.D. do you accept?
SCAREWOOD accepts official photographic I.D. i.e. Passport, College Pass, Driving License etc. We do accept photocopies providing that all information is legible. All ticket holders may be asked to provide I.D. If I.D. cannot be provided on request then entry to SCAREWOOD may be denied by the Management. We do accept tickets shown on your phone.

What is the best time to arrive? 
Peak nights are Friday and Saturday and peak time increases the nearer we get to Halloween. To keep queueing to a minimum we operate multiple entry times. We call these entry times intakes. Make a note of your intake time. You and your friends should arrive 25 minuets before your intake time. Once you’ve queued to get into SCAREWOOD, there are queues to enter each attraction.

Is SCAREWOOD indoors or outdoors?

SCAREWOOD is an outdoor woodland experience so don’t forget your wellies and remember to wrap up warm.

Where are the nearest toilets?
Toilets will be located near the entrance and in the refreshment area situated halfway through your experience.

What restrictions do you have on age?
SCAREWOOD operates a strict age policy. If a ticket holder is under 15 yrs of age then they require responsible adult (18yrs+) to accompany them at all times. Large groups of teenagers (over 6 people) also require at least one responsible adult in case of emergencies. I.D. will be required for anyone who may be lucky enough to look 18 yrs and under.You will also need I.D if you are the nominated adult accompanying a group of under 15’s

My 10 year old child loves horror, is SCAREWOOD appropriate for them?
SCAREWOOD is a terrifying, immersive, walk through, horror experience is not recommended for people under 15 yrs of age. It is not suitable for people of nervous or weak disposition.However entry for under 15’s is at parental discretion.

Will SCAREWOOD scare me and my family?
We are asked this question on many occasions and we find it very difficult to respond. It really depends on you. Some people will have a strong reaction and require assistance while some don’t at all.  In this way, SCAREWOOD is like a rollercoaster, some people are terrified, some people love it and want to go again and again and some people say ‘oh the view from the top was good’. 

If I bring my child, what happens if they get too scared?
If the child (or adult) gets too scared during the experience you can exit at designated intervals.

If we exit half way because a member of our group too scared, can we get a refund?
SCAREWOOD operates a No Refund Policy.If you need to leave because you are too scared then we did a great job.

I’m Pregnant! May I attend SCAREWOOD?
Firstly, congratulations on the imminent arrival of your little monster! We do not recommend SCAREWOOD for pregnant ladies. However it is entirely at the ticket holder’s discretion whether they attend when pregnant. 

Is this event wheelchair accessible?
Regretfully, due to uneven surfaces SCAREWOOD is not accessible for people who use wheelchairs. However we are able to accommodate other requirements. Please contact the Box Office regarding specific needs. 

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.

What type of footwear is most suitable?
People wearing high heels will not be admitted to SCAREWOOD due to uneven surfaces. Ticket holders should wear a pair of flat  outdoor comfortable shoes/boot (preferrebably wellies if the rain comes).

How long will I be in the HOUSE OF THE DEAD?
The experience lasts approx40 minutes-1hr but it may feel like a lifetime. You are able to split your journey ,enjoy refreshments and get your breath back in BARMAGEDDON situated at the half-way point ? 

Do you have strobe lights?
Yes. We do have strobe lights. If you are light sensitive there are alternative routes inside the for you to take where you will not come into contact with strobes. 

Will there be loud noises?
Yes. SCAREWOOD uses loud noises. You will barely be able to hear yourself scream.

Are smoke effects used? 
Yes. makes use of non-toxic, water based smoke effects.

Are refreshments available?
Yes BARAMGEDDON is situated at the half-way point of the experience and will serve a variety of  hold, cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as a selection of snacks.Please note: As we are in the wood wifi will be intermittent so we operated cash only purchases.

Will the monsters touch us?
The monsters are not allowed to touch you but that doesn’t mean that they can’t get you…

Please enter door policy 

Other information 

•Ticketing: Only tickets bought through our web site are valid for entry. Third party sales (including tickets purchased through eBay) are not valid for entry. This is covered in the terms and conditions of sale but does not affect your statutory rights.

• Pass outs: Similar to a concert, once you have entered the event you are unable to leave and regain entry. Please only enter the queue with your whole group.