Scarewood - Scarewood
Cheshire's First Frightfest
Cheshire, Knutsford, Frightfest, Scary event, Horror theme event, adult horror, scary things to do
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Imagine walking through a Cemetery in the dead of the night. As your pathway disappears you are surrounded by dark crypts lit by candle light. You must avoid the living dead at all costs which have been freshly awakened by the Crypt Keeper for his entertainment and your Terror. Discover open graves deep in the undergrowth of the woodlands as you are pursued by creature of the night and you continue your fright-filled trek to your next horror filled adventure.

If you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise…

When the new roads arrived, things started to disappear…people started to disappear. Nobody could understand why…But the local townspeople knew THEY were there. They could feel them there…watching…always watching. Will you make it through the woods without seeing THEM? Will you make it out alive? Or will you be another victim of the Claw!

The corporation was established in order to develop a new form of biological warfare. The goal was to develop a virus that could be released on any unsuspecting foe and turn the enemy on themselves. They created a virus, VI3351 which did exactly that. But the effects had a much darker side! 

There has been an incident in Section 13 and the virus has been released into the compound. The compound has been locked down and we fear that everyone inside may already be dead or infected. You must make your way through the compound to the evacuation site and avoid all contact as there are unconfirmed report that the dead have woken up…


Situated at the heart of SCAREWOOD sits BARMAGEDDON…All must enter and only some may leave. Face you fears up close as you refresh yourself but watch your step as the Ringmaster is on the loose and wants to trap your soul inside the Circus of the dead.